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We can finally reveal the track listing for the new Mr M Adventures album - BOARD GAMES!  11 new exciting tracks with influences from Tom Petty, Foo Fighters, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin to name a few.

  1. Board Games

  2. Through the Night Sky

  3. Riding a Choo Choo Train

  4. The Grumpy Old Man

  5. Wally the Time Travelling Labradoodle

  6. Fun Park

  7. Toolbox Rock Opera

  8. Wobbly Dobbly Do

  9. The Crazier Song

  10. Hola! Hola!

  11. Mr. M's Christmas Party 

Remember: Pre sales begin later in July - keep your eye out here for more info and to get your hands on a copy!

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Mr. M Adventures LIVE CONCERT is coming to Mailors Flat Community Hall soon!! Will be awesome!!  

New album updates:

Check out Mr M's announcement for the new album

Keep checking back - we might be sharing more exclusive, behind-the-scenes content!

Another recording session completed!  And a lot done in the session. A big step towards completing the album.

I can't stop saying the album is sounding soooooo good. The music, the harmonies are all so so good. Adam pushing me to try new things to a fantastic outcome.

Recording 2.jpg
Recording 1.jpg
MrM studio 2.jpg

A huge THANK YOU to Adam too, for jumping onto the project and working with Mr. M Adventures once again!

Day 1 was recording the acoustic tracks and we did so well to get it done today. Now we can start to build up the tracks and make them totally awesome.

MrM studio 3.jpg

Follow Mr M's contribution

Mr M is collaborating with Warrnambool Base Hospital Paediatrics to donate from the proceeds of merchandise sales.

Remember, your purchases directly add to the total for this cause.