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Welcome to
mr. m adventures

Catch Mr M at this upcoming gig! 

Block your calendar and have a fun day out!

Saturday, October 28th 

3 sets, times still to be confirmed and announced

Check back soon to catch the update on show times!

We'd love to see you there, so set aside time to come and enjoy the show!

"Did You Know?"

"Did You Know?"

Mr M's fun fact investigation show!

Catch the 4-part space adventure that includes Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune!

Join Mr M as he embarks on a massive space adventure!

Watch 'Jupiter' here!

Join Mr. M as he finds out more about Saturn

Keep checking back for upcoming episodes and new topics that Mr M will be exploring! 

Follow Mr M's contribution

Mr M is collaborating with Warrnambool Base Hospital Paediatrics to donate from the proceeds of merchandise sales.

Remember, your purchases directly add to the total for this cause.

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